All our itineraries are suggestions for your trip. Our tours are private and individually planned per your wishes. Please note that might have to make adjustments depending on wind and weather and the speed of the boat you choose.

The Ang Thong National Marine Park is a fascinating archipelago of 42 islands or so northwest of Koh Samui.
With towering limestone cliffs out of a dense vegetation, mere rocks emerging from the sea and many white sandy beaches, this makes the Marine Park a breathtaking destination you never forget. An ever changing landscape whilst cruising through this archipelago let your mind flow. Lay back and enjoy the beauty, or try to catch this magic with your camera of untouched nature.

No wonder why it was chosen for the movie “ the Beach “ , starring Leonardo Di Caprio, partly filmed in Ang Thong National Park.

All the islands are uninhabited, except of Koh Paluay, home of the “sea -gypsies”, who make their living out of fishing and plantations. An island, Koh Samui looked like many years ago. Some of the most beautiful and stunning beaches are found here including the so called “James Bond” rock.

Activities are plenty to do . Not all can be done in one day and you can choose on your private trips the preferred destinations.

At Talay Nai, a short and easy climb through bizarre rock formations in tropical vegetation lead to a viewpoint with a fantastic view down to the famous emerald lake and the surrounding islands. A short and spectacular climb takes you down to the Lake. It is also named the “Blue Lagoon” from the movie “The Beach”.

At Koh Nai Phut ,another highlight of bizarre formations rising out of the sea . Explored by our dinghy, we are cruising into hidden caves, trough a tunnel and under the cliffs carved out by million of years.

Koh Wao Yai offers the best snorkelling opportunities of the area . The shallow and protected bay suits very well for the whole family to explore marine life.

On Koh Woa Ta Lab you can go kayaking around the island or hike up to the top view point ( 240 m ) with the most spectacular view over the whole Marine Park and visit the cave with beautiful Lotus-shaped stalactites.

Koh Paluay with its stunning beaches is also one place not to miss. The secluded beach of Song Pee Noch is wonderful and kayaking is undertaken from here to the famous James Bond Rock. On a one day trip, we set sail back to Koh Samui in the afternoon.


  • 7.00 transfer from Hotel to Yacht
  • 7.30 boarding and introduction of yacht, set sail to Angthong
  • 11.00 arrive in Angthong and explore the archipelago
  • 13.00 lunch on board at private beach , swimming and snorkeling
  • 14.00 visit emerald lake or other fascinating destination in the Park.
  • 15.30 depart to Koh Samui
  • 18.00 Sunset finger-food and champagne
  • 19.00 arrive at harbour and transfer to Hotel

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