Terms and Conditions

The vessels operated by Thailand Yachts a registered company in the Kingdom of Thailand. The charter agreement is made between Thailand Yachts (“TY”) and the individual that is booking the charter (“the charterer”).

1. Charter fees and payment terms

1.1 The charter fee agreed between TY and the charterer includes the cost of the hire of the yacht, its professional skipper and crew, food and drink, use of all equipment on board, fuel, transfer fees and the vessels insurance.

1.2 Full payment of the charter by the charterer must be made at the time of booking wether directly to TY or to one of our authorised agents representing TY.

2. Cancellation by the charterer

2.1 Cancellation by the charterer must be notified to TY directly. (Tel:+66 89 97 07 909)

2.2 In the event that cancellation is notified 72 hours or more before the charter date, payments made up to a value of 20% of the charter fee, will be fortified.

2.3 In the event that cancellation is notified less than 72 hours before the charter date, payments made up to a value of 50% of the charter fee, will be fortified.

2.4 In the event that cancellation due to a medical condition occurs an alternative date will be made available by TY for the charter. If the charterer is unable to reschedule, payments made up to a value of 50% of the charter fee, will be forfeited unless a medical report can be submitted to TY.

2.5 The charterer forfeits the right to cancel the charter on their own perception of the weather forecast. If adverse weather is experienced or expected our charter manager will be in contact. If TY is not in contact the charterer should assume that the conditions are suitable for the charter.

3. Cancellation by Thailand Yachts

3.1 In the event of adverse weather TY has the right to change the charter destination if the safety of the yacht, guests and crew is in question. Any changes to the destination will be discussed and agreed upon with the charterer prior to departure.

3.2 In the event of non‐availability of the requested yacht for any reason whatsoever, TY reserves the right to provide an alternative vessel, cancel the charter or an alternative day will be offered to the charterer. If no date suitable to both parties can be agreed upon, the charter fee will be refunded in full to the charterer who shall have no further claim for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from the cancellation of the charter agreement.

4. Safety and Insurance

4.1 TY agrees to present to the charterer the vessel in a good state of seaworthiness with all equipment in good working order. The yacht carries all safety and medical equipment as required by the Marine Department of Thailand.

Our vessels are insured on customary Marine terms including third party liability. However charterers are advised that TY does not carry insurance for personal injury, illness, loss or damage to personal belongings or for cancellation for any reason. Charterers are advised to check their own holiday insurance for these risks and ensure that their existing policies cover any activity they participate in whilst on board.

5. Authority

5.1 The Captain and Crew on the day of the charter have absolute authority and their instructions and safety advice should be adhered to at all times.

5.2 All crew will comply with all reasonable requests of the charterer but the crew will be the judge of all matters concerning the safety of its yacht and its guests.

5.3 If the charterer fails to comply with the reasonable instructions of the crew for the safety of the yacht or its misuse the skipper may return the yacht to the port of embarkation whereupon the charter will be terminated and the charterer will not be entitled to a repayment of any part of the charter fee.

5.4 The charterer’s agree to consume alcohol responsibly, and shall refrain from its consumption if participating in diving activities.

5.5 The charterer agrees that smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas.

5.6 Damage to the boat arising from misuse or failing to comply with the instructions of the crew will be paid for by the charterer.

5.7 TY reserves the right to change our prices and terms of conditions without prior notice to the charterer.

6. Disclaimer of liability

6.1 All members of the charterer’s party will be required to sign a disclaimer of liability before departure. Any members of the charterer’s party refusing to sign a disclaimer of liability will not be permitted to travel onboard. The owners of Thailand Yachts, their employees and representatives will not be liable for any loss, damage, death or personal injury to any member of the charterer’s party.